About Us

Business is about making sales, delivering quality, and satisfying the customer, but it is also about building your business your way. We at DWS will make your website do both.

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and websites are the face of your business. Is your face a good representation of your business' quality, capability and personality, or perhaps your business is invisible online? Having a quality website can boost sales by reaching people who are already searching for your business. A low quality website could even result in lost sales.

DWS: In the Business of Boosting your Business

Our staff is made of trained marketing, business and programming professionals with a wide knowledge and experience base to draw from. We apply that base to help you achieve your goals for your business.

We appreciate the passion and care that you put into your business, and the importance of sales, and your bottom line.

We wont build you a website that delivers no value. Your DWS website will be priced and designed by our team to maximizing value and grow your sales.

Meet DWS Team

Aaron Comery


Aaron is the one with the perpetually serious look on his face, but trust us he is a fun loving guy. Lifelong Rhode Island resident and Brown University graduate, he is the Business Lead of DWS.

Taylor Therrien


Taylor is the face of DWS and the one most likely to be smiling while talking on the phone. Former Rhode Island and current Connecticut resident and Nichols College graduate, she is Marketing Lead of DWS.

Eric Pelletier


Eric likes to hide behind his computer screen, but when he ventures out he can be seen racing stock cars throughout New England. Former Rhode Island and current Connecticut resident and New England Tech Master’s graduate, he is the Web Development Lead of DWS.